Do we have to purchase a product to receive the gift?
No, absolutely not. There are no requirements you just need to show up. While we would love the opportunity to introduce you to our high end kitchen products you will receive your gift just for attending our Bridal Showcase

How can you afford to give hotel accommodations out as a gift?

Some companies spend millions on advertisement. Imagine the cost of a 30 second super bowl ad! Our Company uses this money to give you your gift just for previewing our products. Our higher valued package , The Wyndham Resorts receive advertisement from the couples that we send to the Caribbean; after couples post their vacation pictures on Facebook other couples on your friends list will look into booking for their own stay at that resort. Unfortunately for them it is not free!  This allows you to take advantage of the free gifts

What about the cooking demonstration?
We will demonstrate the cooking products Live the day of the show. We will let you taste the difference with waterless grease-less cooking. (Not a full meal, but rather a sample)

What is the purpose of the product show?
Our products hold more value than is seen on the surface. A demonstration is required to understand the full benefits. Take Water/Grease-less cooking for example;  Cooking whole meals in less than 15 minutes that are actually healthy for you is just the tip of the iceberg. We will also explain the engineering and design behind our revolutionary cooking constructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my fiance have to attend?
Yes, this is a couples show and bringing your loved one is also part of the experience as the demonstration is intended for engaged / newly weds; everyone who attends will attend as a couple. Also we would like to be able to answer questions from both of you about our products and the gift package you will receive.

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